Saturday, April 30, 2011

Free Fishing in NY

I've been interesting in fishing the Delaware River for a while now. It's headwaters start in NY and as it works it's way south it creates PA's eastern border, until it reaches the Atlantic near Philly.

The upper reaches of the Delaware are supposed to be some fine trout waters, with holdovers as well as wild born browns and rainbows.

My plan is to start near the headwaters and work my way down until I fished it to it's mouth. Not at one go, but have a few trips a year and finish up in a few years.

But that would require an out-of-state license for the headwaters. I checked it out and NY's fee for a foreigner is $35 for 7 days. Man, that's what my PA license costs for the whole year.

But, NY does this great event called Free Fishing Days. The last weekend of the month June you can fish any and all NY waters, without a license. This year it's June 25 and 26. How cool is that?

New York, here I come!

Fishing Licenses - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation


  1. That is quite the goal! I went to college in Delhi, NY which is right on the east branch. That was before I was the excellent fisherman I am today(not). I remember seeing some good sized trout in there but never hooked up with any. good luck in your quest!

  2. Thanks Stealth! I've read that there are some big'uns in there. I hope to find out first hand.