Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fly of the Week: WBD

I almost didn't post this, thinking that today was Friday. Then I panicked a second thinking that I missed posting the FotW, then after about 30 seconds realized that today was indeed Wednesday. That's the kind of week it's been......

As promised, this is the fly that I used to catch my largemouth on from a few posts ago. It was my first largemouth on a fly, so in commemoration, and to bestow the highest honor of the land upon that fish, I am naming the fly after him. The name? The WBD (Weapon of Bass Destruction.) But in all honesty, this should work for all manners of fishy life. You just may need to scale down the size.


Hook: Size 8 nymph
Tungsten Bead in copper or olive. 
Tail: the fluffy, marabou-like fibers of a guinea hackle. 
Thread: black 140
Underbody: fl pink vinyl rib
Outerbody: purple peacock herl, palamered through the rib
Hackle: guinea hackle

The black thread body gives the pink rib a redder cast in the center of the fly and then gradients to more of a pink. Also, don't wrap the rib too tightly, it's a little easier to palamer the herl if they're a little loose.


  1. Damn, my week is all goofed too. WBD looks deadly good!

  2. I'm with you Erin... Mine is all messed up but I won a reel so that makes up for it :) Cool fly! I need to get some other colors rather than natural peacock

  3. Thanks guy and gal. :)

    Congrats Dustin. And don't worry too much about different colored herl, the color difference to me is like 2% from the natural. The most telling is the stem. And who ties with the stem...

  4. Nice tie Anthony, I think you're right it should catch about anything.

  5. Thanks Howard. I'm hoping to try it on some "other" tomorrow, depending on if the temps can stay out of the "hell" range.