Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tenkara has arrived.

I'm already impressed with Tenkara Fly Fish, the company I ordered the Fountainhead 11' Tenkara rod from. I ordered it on Saturday. By Sunday I had an email saying it would be in the mail on Monday. And today I had the package at my door. That's some speedy deliver, especially since some of the big box stores, oh, let's call them Cadela's, usually takes around two weeks. 

Like a kid at Christmas, I tore open the package and there, gingerly wrapped in newspapers (no complaints, packaging isn't cheap) was the rod, which comes with a rod sock.

Taking it out, the first thing I noticed was the light weight; it was almost nothing in the hand.

I took it out and noticed that the plug in the end of the rod was rubber with a wooden tip; rather handsomely stained. I thought that was a nice touch, considering the price.

I did notice that the cork handle seems to be a little rough and you can see the lines where the cork is lined up to create the handle. A little fine grit sandpaper, or as I'm going to do, some nice hard use and it will smooth that cork out alright. (Update: Hard use did her fine. )

And I can live with seeing the lines in the cork. It's only $45.

I unfurled the rod and gave it the ol' wiggle test. It was a little weird taking it apart, it kept going and going and going..... 11' is quite a long rod!

The rod I bought is the Caddis Fly, with a 5:5 action, which is the softer, more flexible rod. You can opt for the 12' Caddis which is 6:4, which would be a stiffer action rod.

The wiggle reminds me of a nice glass rod. I'm starting to already imagine fighting a fish on this!

If time permits, I will give this a test run tomorrow. Once I get a semblance of competence with this, and get a few fish on, I will post another review on Tenkara compared to Western fly fishing, both the rod and the style.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks!


  1. keep us posted on what you think about it

  2. Will do. I'm thinking about sneaking out of work early (shhhh....) to give it a go.