Friday, April 15, 2011

BACKPACKER First Aid Center

From the people at, here is a series of slideshows and videos on first aid treatments.

From blisters to treating a fractured bone is here, good stuff for those of us that like to go stomping about far from civilization (and help.)

Backpacker Magazine - BACKPACKER First Aid Center


  1. I started carrying a pretty good homemade first aid kit years ago after marrying a girl whose father was a survival instructor. Since you've been obviously doing some research, I need instructions for do-it-yourself brain surgery, amputation and a recipe for dutch oven stew. Can you help me?

  2. I've had a homemade kit, but not sure what I did with it from last year.....

    There are several possibilities for the surgery. I would recommend diong the brain surgery first, that way if you botch it you don't need to worry about the amputations.

    Successful or not, after the surgeries you can use whatever's "lying around" for the stew.

  3. Great answer, Anthony. I'll stick with the stew.