Sunday, April 3, 2011

CGR - My Final Thoughts

I've been using the Cabela's CGR 4/5 almost exclusively for my past dozen outings or so. I'm mostly happy with the rod. For the past few days, I've paired it with my new Allen XL reel and lined it with the Cortland Sylk line. Floating DT 6wt to be exact.

I was a little worried that the rod would be a little to noodle-y from overlining it, but it casts even better in my opinion. I don't really notice that the rod has slowed down at all, and the Sylk line just shoots through the guides.

This is my first experience with the Sylk lines and I would highly recommend it. It's not the priciest line but you do get a big band for you buck. And it's in a subdued mottled green, for those that wonder if a fish might notice a bright orange line and get cautious (I'm not sure which side of the fence I'm on in that debated.)

This rod has a nice flex that I find compliments my casting style. It flexes about halfway down the rod during the cast, which I've heard some say isn't enough flex but I like it. It's slow and soft enough to have a delicacy to the presentation. And good presentation is 80% of the fly fishing game.

The only thing that I do not like, almost to the point of loath, is the slip-ring reel seat. People have told me that they take some time to get used to. Bullocks, they're a pain in the ass and that's all there is to it. Both my Allen and my Martin are struggles to get on. Now once they're one they stay on; but I think that if it takes longer to but the reel on the rod that it does to line the rod, there is something wrong.

The reel seat seems made for a reel foot (reel feet?) that are half an inch smaller that what I have. But I haven't come across reels that have a foot (feet? what is the proper word??) that are that much smaller than what I have. It seems a catch 22. One that could have been avoided with a simple locking reel seat. I would have gladly paid an extra $20-30 for that reel seat. Granted the 7 and 8wts have them, which makes me wonder why the slip rings for the smaller rods, since all are in the same price point......

And now the big question: How does it fight?

Softly. Thats the only word I have for it. I've had two fish on (neither to hand) and the feeling was the same for both. You could feel both fish on, and you could feel them fighting, but there was no "electric shock" feeling that I've sometimes had with a graphite rod. The struggle was more subdued.

All in all I'm pleased with the CGR; it will see more than it's fair share of time on the water. I'm just disappointed with the reel seat, but not enough to not use the rod. It's too much fun. So either I will deal with the seat, look to have it replaced, or..... well, the word duct tape comes to mind.

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