Bucket List

I've been seeing bucket lists on a few blogs and thought that the idea was a pretty good one, so here is mine. I will cross off these items as I complete them and add more as I think of them. Some of these I'm gunning for this year, others may take a little longer.

So, in no particular order, here are the things that I want to accomplish in my fly fishing life. 

-Fish all 50 states. 
-Spend a week in Allegheny National Forest backpacking and fishing. 
-Fish the salt. 
-Go out West and catch a "real" steelhead to see if there really is a difference between them and the Great Lake variety. 
-Go after redfish in The Marsh on Louisiana. 
-Learn to use a Spey Rod. 
-Catch a dang Carp on the fly.
-Fish the Delaware - top to tail.
-Expand my fly horizons. I mainly fish dries and nymphs in a stream. I want to hit bigger waters, lakes, big rivers..... as well as use more streamers, poppers and such. 

...and more to come!