Sunday, May 1, 2011

Casting for recovery - fly donations

I'm going to repeat a posting that I found on Fishing Journal because I think it's such a great cause.

Ever hear of Casting for Recovery? If not, they are a non-profit organization that teaches women that are recovering from cancer how to fly fish. Like most non-profits, they fund themselves with donations. What is unique about CfR is that they take not just monetary donations but donations of the fly variety. They have a list of flies that they are looking for to distribute to the women that the help.

So if your a tier, why not send them a dozen or so flies? I know that I am.


  1. This is a great organization and I thank you for bringing it to our attention; I live near their headquarters and will put some flies together for their fundraising efforts.
    Regards, Gary Tanner

  2. That's great Gary, thanks! I'm in the process of filling up a take-out Chinese food container to send them.