Friday, April 15, 2011

Fly of the (last) Week: the Black Ghost

Finally, I have it. As good as it's gonna get any time soon, anyway. The Black Ghost is one of those streamer patterns that I've always loved but a) had no idea how to tie and b) didn't know where to start.

For some great instructions on how to tie, as well pics of what it really is supposed to look like, check out the NAFFF Tie-a-long. This is the last fly from the tie a long, and I already have next weeks fly lined up, so the Fly of the Week will actually be on time next week.

A special thanks goes out to Alan, who orchestrated the tie along and post all of the step by step instructions for the flies. This has been a lot of fun and had me tying flies, like the one below, that I thought that I would never tie in my life. While I might have struggled a bit with the last two, it was not due to lack of instruction but more of a PEBKAC error (Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair (nerd humor)).

So, without further ado, the Black Ghost!

The Black Ghost
Hook: Streamer hook, #4
Tail: White Rooster hackle
Body: lead underbody, Black Floss
Rib: Silver tinsel
Hackle: White Rooster hackle, pulled through
Inner Wing: (more) White Rooster Hackle feathers
Outter Wind: Guinea Hackle Fibers (this is supposed to be a jungle cock feather. I didn't have nor would I get in time, so I tried to improvise. Didn't quite work....)


  1. Looks like a winner to me! Do you fish this fly?

  2. Hell no, I've never touched this fly in my life.... lol. But thanks for the thumbs up! I do like the look of it and I think I will throw a few in the box to try out. I see it being a good smallie fly, and for bigger trout (which we don't have too many of around here, but that's another story...)