Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fly of the Week: check back this weekend

I've been working on the Fly of the Week, the Black Ghost, for a bit and it's not quite ready for prime time. It's a matter of a) not knowing what I'm doing, b) not having the right materials, and c) really not knowing what I'm doing.

If your really dying to see the Black Ghost, you can see the pics and the step by step on NAFFF right here. I've never tied a streamer like this before and it's proving a little more challanging that I thought (stupid feather wings....)

I plan to have this up on Sunday, when I have time to really sit and work on it.

Also, this is the last in the NAFFF series. While I have a few other flies in the wing (get it? wings? fly humor......) if anyone has any suggestions of a fly to post, or one they would like to see tied up, drop me a line at flyfishinado(at) Even better, if you have a fly you wouldn't mind sharing, send it over. Sharing means caring.....


  1. Anthony, you obviously haven't seen my world famous Cheeze Doodle fly...

    I'll wait for yours, thanks.

  2. That's a fantastic fly, but I would add deer hair poking out of it at random places. Add a little more action in the water. lol

  3. I checked it out and I think it looks great. The feather wings are a pain to get in right! Great Job