Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take the Pledge

Those fine folks over at Recycled Fish have post a Sportsman's Stewardship Pledge, meaning you take a pledge to be a concerned and water friendly guy or gal, sign up, and they will email you all kinds of info. You also have the option to join and, depending on your level of membership, you can get some pretty sweet goodies.

Recycled Fish is a non-profit organization that advocates a "lifestyle of stewardship" in regards to fisheries and waterways. Check em out, join if you'd like, but I would ask that even if you don't become a member, try and take away at least a little of their approach to conserving your local fishery.


  1. Heading over there now. Thanks for the tip. Nothing more important than our precious fisheries and waterways.

  2. Hey thanks Anthony. I joined up after reading this earlier. Looks like a good organization.

  3. Cool! I'm going to sign up when I get home from work tonight.