Friday, April 8, 2011

Why I Blog.....

The Outdoor Blogger Network does weekly writing prompts, but up until now I haven't joined in. I'd been waiting for one that kinda struck a chord.

Well, recently Flyfishinado hit the 6 month mark, as well as getting over 1000 visitors from 33 countries worldwide, so I thought that this might be an appropriate topic to tackle.

In the beginning, I started blogging for the usual reason. Y'know, the vast sums of money we make and the beautiful women that throw themselves at bloggers. And I've been told that it will happen any day now......

Actually, in the beginning this was just going to be an online fishing journal, and if anyone else bothered to read it, so much the better.

Then, a few months later, I was getting into experimenting with fly tying and creating new patterns. Some were pretty productive, so I thought that I would share them on here. Hence the birth of Fly of the Week.

After that the blog began to gain some steam. I started to talk about new gear that I bought or used. I'd post about fly fishing related news or other stories, things that I found interesting and just wanted to share.

Now it's become another way to enjoy fly fishing. It's such a thrill to be out on the water, but now I take more note of things so that I have other things to share. If others can learn and become better fisher-persons by my blunders and mistakes, then so much the better. I think that fly fishing in general has a great sense of community, and I like to contribute to that.

I just wish that vast sum of money would get here......

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