Monday, October 11, 2010

Scouting Ahead

Decided to be nice to my daughters today and instead of dragging them on another "boring" fishing trip(at least as the older one says, I still have hope for the youngest), I would drag them on a scouting trip looking for fishing spots.

I picked a spot on the Tulpehocken right below the dam at Blue Marsh Lake. I have fished the Tulley many times, but never this close to the lake.

We started down the windy trail next to the stream. It was very narrow and at may places little more than a gaming trail. The foliage to the sides was very thick brush and in some spots, a swamp. I saw a few guys fly fishing. I spoke with one but he had just started for the day and had little to report.

By the time we walked about 2 miles I realized that all of the accessible area's on the steam were within 1/4 of a mile of the parking lot. We turned around and started the long trek back.

 I did get a few photos of the Tulley and, surprisingly, a few various species of mushrooms.

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