Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How do you snag a net?

That's a serious question, because apparently I have no idea.

I've been in the market for a new net for a while now; ever since mine had the misfortune of snagging too many of my flies and it felt my wrath.

I want a net that has a rubber basket, is not too expensive and can hold something like steelhead size on down. This doesn't sound too demanding to me, but the net manufacturers of the world seem to disagree. I really like the Measure Nets, but you have to buy the net for $30-40 and then buy the rubber basket for an additional $30. And that's ordering it direct. I would think that since it is the company that makes the dang thing, I would have the option of ordering the net with the rubber basket for, say, $50. I could live with that.

But what do I know......

So my search continues. If there are any net manufacturers that would like someone to field test a net for them, please feel free to contact me at webdesignbyanthony (at) gmail dot com (no flyfishinado email as yet.) I would be honored to provide whatever services I can to you and your company.  Just make sure it's rubber.

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