Monday, October 18, 2010

New Addition to the Famliy

I won a Sila Flex fiberglass rod off of eBay the other day, and much to my surprise it showed up on my doorstep today. I figured that I wouldn't see this baby until after I got back from my trip this weekend at least.

I did a little research and it appears that this blank was made in 1956... making it a very nice find given what I, paid for it. The rod looks like it may have been either redone, or was an early attempt by a rod builder, because close examination show that the epoxy on the eye threads to have ran a little.

But putting the rod together and giving it a test "wiggle" in the living room makes that extra epoxy a moot point. The soft, springy feel to the flex of the rod, and it's relative lightness, means this 7' rod is going to be a dream to cast.

I was going to take an old, soft 9' graphite rod to Erie with me as a back up, but since this arrived I thinking maybe a 7' would make more sense. For tighter casting situations and what not..... he he he.

Tight lines!

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