Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Senate to Pass Vote on Tax for Drilling Companies

Here in PA the big news for the past year or two has been the large natural gas reserve discovered underneath parts of PA and the surrounding states, call the Marcellus Shale. This week the PA Senate is to vote on a bill that passed in the House earlier that will create a severance tax on the drilling companies that are set to dip into the reserves.  The funds will then be set aside to help offset the environmental impact that this gas extraction will take.

This vote is expected Wednesday.

If the bill is not passed it will be dead. It should be noted that PA is the only state left to pass such a tax.

Below is a link to the online form that will send an email to your Senator encouraging them to vote. I encourage everyone from PA to contact their Senator and show your support for this tax. Without it, many of this states great waters will be severely impacted, if not outright destroyed.

Contact PA Senate Here

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