Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mis-matching the Hatch

Decided to hit the water today near sundown in an impromptu expedition. I wanted to check the fly charts before I left, but in my rush to get everything ready I plum forgot.

Got to the stream at 5pm and geared up. Walked down to the stream and looked and I was right in the middle of a hatch! Fish were rising all across the water. At in point during the trip I saw a 12-15" rainbow launch itself clear out of the water after a morsel. It was quite a site.

I had a rainbow prince attractor pattern tied on, and being lazy like I am, decided to toss it a few times instead of changing the fly. I did look at the hatch and noticed it was incredibly small and cream colored.

I took 3 steps into the water and nearly stepped on a brown! Took another few steps and saw too more go scooting off. While I wasn't thrilled with spooking this many fish not 2 full minutes on the water, I did like the prospects of how think they were laying in the area.

Then I spent the next two hours practicing my cast. Because that's the amount of action I had. I had nothing that was close to the hatch that was going on, so I tried to do something completely different. I went from rainbow warrior to elk hair caddis that I fished subsurface (they showed a little interest but no takers) to a Copper Joe. I then tried a #20 Adams. Still no takers.

While I was finishing up I was speaking to a gentleman on the bank who was having an even worse night than I was. He was telling me he got all geared up and about to hit the water and then discovered his rod was broken. Ouch!

He did tell me the hatch was a cream midge in size....32! He said if you tried even a 28 it was too big.

Well, I have nothing even close to a 32, so soon after I called it a night.

I think my local shop will be seeing me soon. I just hope they have their tiny flies ready, because I'm getting a double hand-full of 'em. There's no way in H E double hockey sticks that I'm trying to tie anything that small.

But I did get a few shots of the area. Very scenic.

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