Friday, October 8, 2010

The Way of the Dodo

Article: Fly Fishing on the downcast?

Here is some bad news. This article explores if fly fishing is a dying sport. It states that most participants are older and that fewer and fewer younger people are picking the sport up.

I'm not sure if I agree with that as I am 29 and I had a buddy pick up the sport this year who is 26. And I know of a few people from the online forums who fit in with my generation as well. But I do think that the majority of FlyFishinado's are older (40+ years.)

This article discusses a plan to have fly fishing as part of the phys ed curriculum in 3,000 schools, but with schools under-budget and cutting phys ed and other "unnecessary" classes, I wonder how successful this will be.

So I need to ask, what is everyone doing to promote fly fishing, especially to the younger generation? I take my 3 year old daughter as much as possible. She has a Dora the Explorer fishing set that she has caught some trout on.

While it's not fly fishing, I'm going to start working on that in a few years. ;)

Cheers, here's to the future.....

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