Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fly of the Week: Purple Nurple

I was thinking the other day and decided that there are not enough fly recipe resources online (FYI this is a very tongue in cheek statement.) So I decided to start my own.

Every Wednesday I will post a fly recipe; either a recipe that I've created or one that might be lesser known but gets good results. I'm working on setting these up for video tutorials, but for right now the recipe and the photo is all I can do. Who would have thought that a dank, dark basement would have lighting issues......

I may be a day early, but here is the first installment: the Purple Nurple. I've read that Lake Erie steelhead can be very responsive to purple and blue colored flys because they see these colors so little. In light of that I've created this fly and will be pitting it against said steelies in 2 weeks. But this can be a great trout fly in waters that may get a bit of steady fishing pressure. Here is the recipe as I've tied it.

Purple Nurple:
Hook: #12 Caddis, 2x heavy
Tail: Black Saddle Hackle.
Body: Purple-blue Mohair
Rib: Single strand of Krystal Flash
Hackle: White Marabou
Head: Iridescent glass bead

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