Friday, October 1, 2010

This proves that PETA is full of morons.

I stumbled upon this. It is a test from PETA UK that allows men to determine their "security" in their "manliness" by answering 3 questions. This first is if you fish. The second is if you own a sports car. The last is if you own more then 2 power tools.

BUT..... if you answer that you are an angler, it doesn't matter what you answer to the others. Your results say that you have a wee wittle one, if you take my meaning. And the opposite is true. Check no to fishing and your manliness can be seen from space.

Really, PETA? This is how you spend all your donations, coming up with Flash games that are meaningless and based on non-facts?

If you boil PETA's basic message down to it's very basic form, advocating against animal cruelty, it is an ideal I think everyone can agree with to some extent or another. Just ask Mr. Vick.

That is way many fly fisherman practice catch and release. Statistics show that fish that are properly caught and released have an excellent survival rate. It's also why ethical hunters make humane kills and do not kill more than is necessary. PETA seems to enjoy systematically ignoring the fact that proper wildlife management is in the best interest of wild animals.

But when PETA tries to make it's argument using biased and childish propaganda, it shows the true culture and mindset of their organization. They have done some good work (probably accidentally) but when they try to present their message in a form such as this, it is an insult to those sportsmen and sportswomen that take all the necessary steps to both ensure the safety of the animal while still enjoying the fine sports of hunting and fishing.

It is interesting but not surprising that PETA has taken such and aggressive stance against fishing. I would be even more interested to see PETA's response if the hunting and fishing communities responded with the same aggressive tactics that PETA uses to dismiss their fraudulent claims against our sport.

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