Friday, June 24, 2011

Must be Fly Friday

Got home today and lo and behold there was a small package waiting for me. I tear into it wondering what I bought now that I don't remember buying, and there is a nifty little box with some flies in it. I look at the return address and shake my head.....

And then it hit's me! I won flies a while back from OBN and hear they are in the, dubbing. It's a dozen+ flies from Montana Fly Co as well as a nice little Plano case.

There are some princes, some stones, some stimulators and two friggin sweet hopper patterns that I'm almost afraid to use they look so nice. And then there are some I'm really not sure what they are. Some types of emergers, a dry and what looks th be a G Gnat but has rubbery do-dads instead of hackle.

All are great quality and look like outstand (and creative) ties. I've never had a MFC fly in hand, but these are nice enough that I may be tempted to buy a few, which I never buy flies anymore. (Did I mention those hoppers are SWEET?)

The Plano case is nice, light, and small enough to fit in a back pocket. They sent 17 flies, but you could probably fit in two dozen before it starts getting cramped.

Between these flies and the one's from Brian Davis, I'm real tempted to through responsibility yo the wind and hit some water tonight. Hmmmm.......

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  1. their flies are sweet! nice. happy friday.

  2. Good going Anthony. I need to win a contest like that.

  3. Happy Friday D. I agree, they're flies are head and shoulders above what can be bought around here.

  4. Howard, I think Owl won some too. You can always steal his when he comes out there. : )

  5. Wow I would love to see that sitting in my pile of mail. NIce looking flies and that box looks like it would be a good size to fit in the pocket. Congrats.

  6. Thanks TM. It's actually small enough to fit in the breast pocket of a dress shirt, for those formal occasions on the stream.