Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Much Hoopla coming to Philly

The annual Fly Fishing Show has announced that it will add a new stop to the tour, the Valley Forge Convention Center in March, which is just outside of Philadelphia. It's also a quick double hop (no sissy skips here) from Flyfishinado HQ.

I've heard that some vendors may skip out on the Philly show, as it is it's inaugural year. I think that is just a shame, and downright pretty stupid. How is the show supposed to be a success without the support of the vendors? Who is going to go to the second year of a show with three guys each selling moldy deer tails and Grandpa Swanson teaching the roll cast?

I hope that what I've heard are just ill-conceived rumors, and that this show is a rocking success. It would be great to have a yearly FF-only show practically in my back yard.

If you want to see the Fly Fishing Shows website and check out all the stops(some of which have been moved since last year), click here.

Also, the American Sportfishing Association is holding another Sportsman Show this February.  While this is more of an all around outdoors-man show, they usually have some pretty good Fly Fishing exhibitions. I believe it was last year that Lefty Kreh was there to give a seminar. Good Stuff.

Click here to check out the information, but be advised that at this time they don't have a lot of info poster.

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