Monday, December 6, 2010

Killer Shrimp from Across the Pond

No, it's not the latest Bruce Campbell movie, although it would be pretty cool. It's an invasive species of aggressive shrimp originating from Western Europe (near the Black and Caspian Seas) that "kills a range of native species, including young fish, and significantly alters ecosystems."

It has now been spotted in in a few sites in Wales and there is some real concern that it could devastate that countries waters.

Several organizations, among them the Salmon and Trout Association as well as the Angling Trust, have issued a high alert for this, and have provided the following guidelines to keep the invasive species from spreading:

  • Always be on the alert and familiarise yourself with the shrimp’s appearance (see Environment Agency (EA) website HERE).
  • Report any unusual-looking shrimps to the EA straight away
  • Remember that this shrimp has the ability to spread very quickly, so –
    - Clean and dry tackle thoroughly before each fishing trip
    - Raise awareness among other users of lakes and watercourses to alert them to the danger.

Killer Shrimp on the Move
BBC Article

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