Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fly of the Week: Screaming Mimi

It's that time of year...... the weather is cold and most anglers are stuck inside. If your like me, this means a lot more time at the vice, tying flies while dreaming to the fish that the will catch.

I was tying an army of Screaming Brats and, starting to get bored with tying 30 of the same flies, I started to play with the pattern a bit. And so I will submit for your approval, the Screaming Mimi.

It is essentially the same fly but I dropped the French Tinsel and added more flash in the wing.

The Screaming Mimi
Hook: size 6 streamer
Tail: Grizzly Mallard Flank
Body: a mixture of rust dubbing and Purple Haze Lite Bright
Wing: (in  order) Blue bucktail / 5-6 strands of Krystal Flash / Purple Peackock Herl / White bucktail

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