Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blue Fly Cafe - New Site Launch

Before I started tying, these were they guys I would go to first to get my flies. I bought about $75 worth of flies from these guys, then went and priced them at a local shop. They would have charged me over $200....! I'm all for supporting my local shops, but a dude needs a break once in a while.

BFC doesn't carry all their flies in every size, and they sell out of some sizes a lot so you might have to make a few visits to get the flies you want. But they are tied by BFC at their location, so it's a little understandable. And the quality is very good. I still have a few of their flies that I didn't manage to lose, despite my best efforts.

While there make sure you sign up for the newsletter; most of the time it's coupons with a pretty good discount.

Check em out and tell them I sent you. They don't know me from Adam.... but hey, maybe I'll get some kickbacks or something.

Blue Fly Cafe

UPDATE: It appears that Blue Fly Cafe has closed it's doors. From what I've been reading online, quality went down hill severely. Damn shame since I had such good experiences with them.

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