Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting a little Greener

I came across an online tackle company who only sells environmentally friendly fishing tackle, Green Tackle. I hopped right over to the Fly Fishing section and saw the expected varieties of Boss Tin and Tungsten weights. But what did catch my eye was the biodegradable tippet.

The tippet, claiming a life of only 5 years until degraded, is a far cry from the centuries that go with conventional line. I think that I'm going to grab a pack and see how it compares to regular high quality tippet. AND right now it's on sale for $5 for 30 yards.

They also carry a few items from Recycled Waders. They're the company that takes old, beat up waders and turns them into different packs and cases. Another very cool product.

And a proceed of their sales gets donated to conservation and environment organizations. Seems like a great way to get some cool gear and give back a little.

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