Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fly of the Week: Adams Flymph

The Adam's what?! A flymph. A dry fly and nymph hybrid. Per Allan, who is running the NAFFF Fly-Tie-Along (where I've been stealing these patterns) :

A Flymph is Pete Hiddy’s name for a wingless wet fly; one that does not have quill or hackle tip wings, but that does have a collar hackle. Some people consider it a hackled nymph, but Hiddy’s concept was that the Flymph represented an about-to-emerge pupa. His term is a contraction of “Fly” in which case he was referring the winged adult and “Nymph” which was a reference to the pupa. Jim Leisenring, one of Hiddy’s mentors, fished a lot of these patterns, but he considered them to be simply wingless wets.

Hiddy went slightly further in describing his Flymphs as having dubbed bodies; in addition to being wingless. Since both Leisenring and Hiddy were local to my neck of the woods, this type of fly designation comes up quite a bit where I fish most of the time.

Here is the Adam's variant of the Flymph.

Adam's Flymph:
Hook: This is tied on to a #6 hook (which after halfway through the fly I realized I had nothing close to a #6 sized hackle....)
Tail: Brown and grizzley saddle hackle fibers
Rib: Optional. You can use thread, wire, or in this case, a couple strands of Krystal Flash.
Body: Adam's Grey dubbing
Hackle: Brown and Grizzley saddle hackle

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