Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A blog to Note

Just stumbled on this blog, and it is quite noteworthy. These flies are simply outstanding. Bad part? The entire site is in French. Not that French is bad, but I haven't kept up with my French in 7 years, and even then I wasn't conversational. I could make out enough to know I had no idea what he was saying, but either way, this chap is mean at the bench.



  1. Great find! Luckly my computer translates it so I can read it perfectly! That guy has some skills

  2. Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for making share my site and thank you for this small article which very pleased me. I reassure you my Englishman is pitiful, because I preferred to fish that to attend(take) the class(course). I regret him(it) now.


  3. Cyril - You're more than welcome. And your "pitiful" English is still far better than my French. : )

    Dustin - I guess I could have had the computer translate instead of saying "I think that means..." Oh well..... lol