Friday, March 18, 2011

The Final Countdown

In about two weeks it's opening season in PA, and then it's fish on! 

So today it was our first day in the 70's, so I decided to take the rug rat to the park and air her out a bit. We get to the park and it appears that the park department decided that the nicest day to date would also be a great time to close off the playground and do repairs. Idiots....

But the reason I like this park of the others is that there is a nice little trout stream that wanders through it. Kids get to play, I get to fish. 'Nuff said.

So we walked along the banks and I checked the pools. There, right in the middle was about 2 dozen trout. I'm bad at guessing length in the water, so I'll say that they were all in the 42 inch range. Give or take a few.

This pool gets hit pretty hard during season, but I know of another one that no one goes to. He he he....

I checked that one and, while not as populous, showed signs of some very good contenders.

Now... it's the Final Countdown!