Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Brief Pause

We've entered the time in PA where fishing is prohibited in "trout approved" waters so they can stock, which is 95% of the waters near were I live. The other 4.9% are warm water lakes (which in my opinion is an exercise in futility this time of year) and the other 0.1% is this small stream with no name that runs through State Game land. I haven't fished it yet, so maybe I'll hit it sometime this month. But slogging through mud to fish a stream of dubious quality..... let's just say I'm not feeling it right now.

Instead, I'll take this State-imposed time off to tie some flies, make some goals, plan some adventures, and hit the Philly Fly Fishing show later this month and drool over things I try my damnedest to convince myself I need.

Then I will be ready for the week after the second weekend of the opening day(the first day a sane man will go fishing around here, unless you want to be bludgeoned with Power Bait and corn) both mentally and spiritually. (Both are needed to deal with the guy with 10 trout stuffed into a 5 gallon bucket. Serenity NOW!)

What are you doing to prepare for the start of the season?

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