Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Angling Across America

I think that it's safe to say that many people in the fly fishing world know of one Mr. Owl Jones and his escapades in fly fishing domination. Love him or hate him, you've heard of the SOB at least a few times.

Recently he's been planning a trip to fish cross country he's calling Angling Across America, which he's tying in with another trip to Montana on TU's dime (lucky bastard.)

But he needs our help. Fishing across the country ain't cheap or easy, so he's made a call out to anyone and everyone that can help, to do so. And while I think it is appropriate to feel blinding jealousy and rage (I mean seriously, who wouldn't love to spend a few weeks loafing about and trout bumming it up??? WITH TU paying for the very last leg of it!!! ) we can also live vicariously through him, and in order to do that we probably should help the guy out so that he can at least get there and milk it from TU.

So if your interested in finding out what he all needs, contact him at owl@owljones.com. He's been working his tail off to get this ready so I'm not sure what all he needs, but even if it's a hollowed out log to crash in, I'm sure he'd be appreciative.

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