Monday, June 20, 2011

Allen Xa rods are on their way

Allen Fly Company is finally done testing their rods and are getting to release them. First to be released is the all-purpose Xa.

According to their newsletter:

"Our rods are all finished testing and finally on the way! The Xa series will be the first to arrive in early August.

The Xa rod was specifically designed as an all purpose rod that outperforms anything else in its price range! The med-fast action is well suited to anything from fishing dry flies, streamers, and nymph setups.

The first run will include the following sizes:
Line Weight Model Sections
3 6'6" 3
3 7'6" 3
3 10' 4
4 8'6" 4
4 10' 4
5 8'6" 4
5 9' 4
5 10' 4
6 9' 4
Fighting butt models:
6 10' 4
7 9' 4
7 10' 4
8 9' 4
8 10' 4
9 9' 4

The retail price of this rod series will be $219. We are considering doing a pre-sale at $180 if there is enough interest. Contact Evan at with any questions about the rod series, or just to express your interest in any of these sizes to aid us in making enough. If you are interested in us offering a pre-order, send us those comments as well. Every bit of feedback helps!"

If their rods are on a par with their reels, I think we're all in for a real treat. And if they need someone to give one a test drive, it is my sworn duty to raise my hand and accept the challenge. In the name of science and all that.

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