Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fly of the Week: the Foam Hopper

With the dog days of Summer nearly upon us, I thought that it's only fitting to do a FotW on that Summer fly favorite, the foam hopper.

I found this video on YouTube that shows a foam hopper that is not only easy to tie, but also uses this cool little tool called a "Beaver Tail Foam cutter" that makes cutting the foam bodies almost remedial.

And if your interested in getting the foam cutter, down there it is on Amazon.

Tight lines!


  1. thats a cool tool. That is what hopper juan uses and I have been tempted to pick some up

  2. Thanks Anthony. Love tying with foam.

  3. I've always loved foam hoppers, but have never really tried to tackle them since my snipping skills are not the finest. But that tool is making my fingers itch to try them out.

  4. Thanks for the YOutube video. Tis the season in the Driftless. Can't wait to tie some up. Thanks. Tight LInes.

  5. Thanks TM. If you tie up some of these, let me know how they do.