Friday, June 24, 2011

Fly of the Week and some Epic Failure

I have to apologize for being late with the fly of the week, but this week I wanted to try something different. I received a couple dozen flies from Brian Davis and thought that they were so stellar I would post them up as a fly of the week. I can't give out the recipes, but Brian said that if anyone is interested in buying some, they can contact him at and he'd hook them up. 

The flies are wonderfully tied and he gave a ton of color combo's. These look to me to have bass and panfish written all over them. 

Thanks again to Brian for the awesome flies. I'm already looking forward to giving them the old college try next week (sooner if I'm lucky.) If you haven't checked out his blog yet, you should. He has some great stories and a lot of fish porn over there. 

And here's the epic failure part..... I took a bunch of pics and thought that I'd put them in a nice little slideshow, using Flash. Well, apparently Blogger doesn't allow Flash files to be uploaded and to host it elsewhere slows down the whole process, so I'm just going to have to post a very boring series of pics. 

Wordpress is looking better and better......

Here you go. The flies are a lot better than my crappy pics suggest. I really need to break down and get a better camera. Or maybe clean my lens. Someday....


  1. Well if you're going to have failure, make it epic I always say. Nice flies. I can see a couple that would probably work for trout as well as bass.

  2. Howard, all my failures are epic. : ) I really like the cat's whiskers. I had never heard of them before but they look like the cat's meow (yes, I know it's a bad pun.)