Friday, February 4, 2011

We're back online! Fly of the Week: The Goldbeard

We're back online and ready to go! Due to the monster storm that hit, well, most of the country, we were without power on Wednesday and then yesterday I spent all day trying to bend jQuery programs to my will, with mixed success. So by the time I got home the last thing I wanted to stare at was another computer screen.

So the fly of the week is a little late; I apologize. But I hope that the wait was worth it.

This is one that I came up with a while ago but has yet to be tested. It's a neat little streamer pattern and looks plenty fishy to me. How about you?

The Goldbeard
Hook: Size 8 streamer
Tail: White Marabou / Grizzly Hackle feather
Body: Rainbow Black Tinsel Chenelle
Hackle: Golgen Mallard
Collar: Black Deertail

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