Monday, February 14, 2011

Knotted Leaders (Very Knotted Leaders....)

I was able to get out yesterday for a few hours and had a chance to try some of those hand-tied knotted leaders that I whipped up a bit ago. I won't go into the details of my exploits, but I learned a few things. Namely:

1: a 15 foot leader does not cast well with only 8 feet of actual line out.
2: My habit of leaving tag ends on knots can be problematic. Such as taking 5-10 minutes to untie a leader on every 3rd cast that has inexplicably tied itself to itself.
3: You can get so frustrated that you cut the damn leader in half, tie on 3 feet of tippet and have some success.
4:When approaching the bank of the stream, just because the snow goes to the very edge does not mean that there is ground beneath it.
5: A header into a snow bank is only arguably better than a header into a stream.

Happy Monday


  1. I like #3!!! Been there, done that! Sorry, but this post made me laugh a bit. Just because I have felt your frustration...

  2. No worries. Frustration... let's just say that I was almost ready to go and play golf!