Monday, November 22, 2010

Casting For Recovery

The following email was posted on the North American Fly Fishing Forum. It is from Casting For Recovery, a non-profit that helps treat breast cancer survivors fly fishing lessons. They are in a contest to win a $250,000 grant from Pepsi. I encourage everyone to vote to help them get some much needed funding and support.

Hello, I'm wondering if I could ask for the assistance of you and your members to help a non-profit flyfishing organization called "Casting for Recovery" ( Casting for Recovery)by simply voting in a Pepsi grant contest? It's completely free and will only take a minute of your members' time. CFR offers flyfishing lessons and retreats to women who have breast cancer. The movement of flyfishing naturally is beneficial therapy for that type of surgery, and the experience of introducing those who have gone through the trauma of breast cancer to nature helps in the emotional healing process as well. If you and your members can help, here is the information sent to me by Susan Gaetz of CFR:

Casting for Recovery (CFR) has moved up to #4 in the Pepsi Refresh $250,000
grant contest. If we can make it to the 1st or 2nd spot by Oct. 31st, CFR
will win! Please help CFR win this grant and continue to improve the lives
of breast cancer survivors. Thanks! Susan

Please vote DAILY . You can cast three votes a day: online, text and on

Go to: Provide hope and healing retreats for women breast cancer surviors. | Pepsi Refresh Everything
You'll have to LOGIN the first time you vote
(Only vote for CFR in the $250,000 category)
You can then SHARE on Facebook or Twitter!

Text to 73774 (Pepsi)
Then type 101715 (this is CFR's number)

Go to:
Pepsi Refresh Voting App on Facebook

Login to Facebook
Download the App
Vote for Casting for Recovery
Click "Share"

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