Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fly of the Week: Olive Midge Dry

Concluding our Fly of the Week Midge - o - mania is the adult version, the dry fly. Like all of the midge patterns, I would keep these to size 16 and under.

I tie this with a parachute wing, but wrap the hackle in a more traditional manner, as I can only imagine what kind of nightmare it would be to wrap the hackle on the horizontal......

With these three midge installments, you have patterns that are easy to tie (not counting the tiny sizes, that is) and will will take you through an entire midge hatch.

Just prior and in the very beginning of the hatch, use the nymph to get those trout feeding sub-surface. As you see trout rising, switch to the emerger and use the lift technique that I discussed. Then, when you see more and more midges "making the break" and in the air, switch to the adult dry.

Olive Midge Parachute Dry fly
Hook: size 22 dry fly
Thread: Olive 8/0
Tail: White Goose Biot
Body: Olive Thread
Hackle: Grizzely Hackle (you may need to get the smallest you can and still trim to size)
Wing: White Calf Tail

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