Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cabela's CGR Series

I know what's on my...... Groundhog's Day list.(I think that's the next holiday.) Cabela's 50th Anniversary CGR Series fiberglass fly rod.

They were just released earlier this week, and look pretty sharp for a rod that's still under the $100 mark, if just under.

I've heard some pretty good things about these rods, and there are a couple of lengths and weights to choose from. My only qualm is that their heaviest rod, an 8 wt, is only available in 7'6". I've been looking for a nice 8'6" or 9' glass rod for nymphing, but considering how budget friendly these rods are, I'm not complaining too loudly or too long. Now I realize that the delicacy of a glass rod is not necessary for nymphing; I just want one to want one.

And they have a 5'9" (yes five feet nine inches. Weird, I know) in a 3 wt. so I can still take the glass out on these tiny PA streams that I love to frequent.

Once I can get my hands on one, I'll throw up a review, but considering that you can get two of these rods for the price of a decent graphite rod, and come home with change, is a strong argument in their favor. Looks like it's soon time for a road trip to Cabela's!

UPDATE: Click here to see my first review of the new CGR rods. Or HERE to view my final thoughts on it.

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