Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting Social

I've broken down and done it. No nothing illegal.

What I've done it brought Flyfishinado to Social Media.

I'm dabbling my feet in this since Social Media gives me the mixed feeling of eating to many chili dogs prior to getting on the merri-go-round.  So to start I've opened a Twitter account and a Youtube Channel.

Youtube has an action packed video of some trout rising out of a pool on my local beat (well, about as action packed as any video of trout rising can be) and Twitter allows me to zap my inanities straight to you. Day and night. Forever. (I would also like to apologize for everything beforehand. My doctor does say I'm getting better. I promise.)

So let's link up, plug in, or whatever catch words they're using this month, and let the craziness begin.

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