Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blog Shout Out - Fly Fishing in Philadelphia

I've been spending my weekends in the Philly area with thoughts of moving down here in the somewhat near future. Since I really don't know the are to well, especially what to expect from the fisheries down here, I started doing a little research. That's how I stumbled upon Fly Fishing in Philadelphia. This was the first link I clicked on and I spent the next hour wandering about the site.

Honestly, the site isn't just a blog, but I linked to the blog part above. The postings are short and sweet, but are concise and really well written. Only about 50% are Philly specific so a lot of the content is universal.

the other sections of the site contain bits about fishing with the family, great spots in the area(which I've already fished some and have to agree) and a gear review section.

All in all a great litte piece of the internet.


  1. Anthony I don't think you could pick a better area. Lots of fishing all over the place...good luck with whatever you decide. Fly Fishing in Philadelphia is a very nice unique blog. Good going.

  2. Thanks Howard. I'm living about an hour away from Philly right now. I'm a little spoiled where I'm at because I know a few good spots within a 20 minute drive. Philly is starting over fresh. But I agree that FFP seems to be a great resource.