Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Some Red Truck super deals

In the past year or so, Red Truck Fly Fishing seems to have shot from relative obscurity to a well known name in the fly fishing world. Lots of good gear with lots of good prices.

And those prices are, for a time, a lot better. Right now Red Truck is having their End of Summer Sale. Now I know what your thinking, "Who the f@#^% has an end of summer sale in May?!?" Apparently these guys do.

While I can argue the timeliness of the event, I can't argue the prices. I just scored a Fishpond chest pack for $25. They have a Sage lines for $24.

I would have liked to see some Red Truck rods on sale. Their lowest price was about $200, which for a fly rod isn't that pricey but is a little beyond my price point right now. And to quote Osama Bin Laden, I need one of these like a need a whole in the head.

But I would really like to give these rods a try. So, Red Truck, if you're reading this, please feel free to send me some free stuff, prototypes, whatever you got. Free gear makes me a happy blogger (or so I assume since I have't gotten anything for free yet....)

But while I'm panhandling, take yourself over to Red Truck and score some goodies. They announced the sale late last night, EST, but I have a feeling the good stuff will go fast.

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