Monday, May 21, 2012

A little late, but....

All but six months into the year, almost 2 months after "trout season" opened, and I finally decided to saunter over and get my license? And admit my shame for all the world (or the three people who still read this) to see? I know. A big "WTF, mate?"

Well, to sum it up, the past year has been a bit difficult over at the FF volcano lair. I will try to keep from going into a "woe is me" litany and say that I've had to move into a much smaller volcano. I was finally able to land a full time gig and about the same time I received an influx of freelance web design work early this year.

This was a great change in my fortunes for which I can't begin to express how grateful I am, I did leave me with very little time for anything other that going to work and them coming home so that I could go to work.

I've finished a few of my projects up and now find that I do have a little bit of time. Enough time to finally get to sneak out to a stream, which is what I did this evening. But I'll post about that later this week.

I've popped on here a few times these past couple months and have seen that more people than ever are stopping by. Not really sure what ya'll are looking at, but I sincerely appreciate everyone that has stopped in and continued to view the site. It's enough to nudge me into making this a priority again, if a middle burner one. My only guarantee is that there really are no guarantees. But do look for a little more updates on my end

Again, thank you everyone that makes (and has made in the past) a stopping point on your search for fly fishing info. While silent, I have noticed.

Tight lines,