Thursday, January 5, 2012

A quick ramble.

I just read an entertaining yet insightful post from one Owl Jones. It's about some tips for new bloggers, and people interested in starting a blog. To paraphrase (and simplify) him, post things and eventually someone will become angry, spiteful,, mocking and downright mean.

I'm going to add to this. If you blog or do anything that the general public will see, you will piss some people off. And they will let you know. Many times at great length; to the point you wonder what they did with their time before find you.

My advise is to do two things. One is get a thick skin. there are people that will love to rain on your parade and steal the jelly from your donut. Sometimes I'm even one of them. But you can't let it bother you and you can't take it personally.

The second is, when people get riled up and try to give you "the business", do what I do. Make a game of it. See just how angry you can make them. See if you can get their blood pressure so high blood burst from a vein in their eye.

In another lifetime I was a claims adjuster for an insurance company. This helped me both thicken my skin (an attorney once told me I was a lower life form than a used car salesman. Pot, meet kettle) and develop my love of "enhanced interrogation."

One time I denied a claim where the claimant drove his truck into a 3 foot wide hole. That was not in the roadway. I won't bore you with legaleze, but just know that if you're stupid enough to drive into a giant hole, it's your fault.

I denied his claim. He called me and I professionally told him he was an idiot and please stop wasting my time. He was so angry that he took the time to typed up a letter, print it out and fax it to me. Not once but twice.

That's right; I angered the guy so much that he wasted his time faxing me a letter and was still so angry he had to write another one.

I've never been so proud..... lol.

So if you get into this blogging thing (which I honestly need to do more of) take in the love that you will get and let the hate roll off of you like the waste of other peoples time that it is.


  1. Im lucky, ive never had a bad comment or attack yet..

  2. I haven't on this one. But a couple of years ago I had a blog for the local newspaper about local events. The people around here are brutal.