Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good-buy, Mr. Scott

One of my favorite online retails, Scott's Fly Shop, has decided to hang up the sign for the last time.

I know, I know, you're supposed to support your local shops, and all that jazz. But I'm a poor young(ish) fisherman and some of those prices are a little too steep. So I use the wonders of the interweb to keep me in fish and the bill collectors at bay.

I first ordered from Scott's a year or so ago and was astounded by the service. Every time I ordered something from Scott's a little extra material was thrown in. It was this way that I was turned on to mohair, which is now one of my favorite materials to use.

And each order included a little hand written note thanking me for my business. A nice personal touch that was unexpected but totally appreciated.

In the owner's own words:

Thank you for shopping with us.  Three years ago, I started this business as a way to pay for the fly tying materials I used, learn more about the industry, build my customer service skills, and keep my information technology skills current.  The shop has always been a side-business for me which limits the amount of time I can give it.  With a desire to stay focused on my career and to spend my free time fishing and tying, I am closing the business.

 I'm not sure when exactly he is closing the business for good, so if you're in need of some flies, materials, or whatever, I urge you to head on over and check out what Scott's may still have left. His is the rare online business that still delivers a personal touch.

I wish Scott well on whatever future ventures he undertakes. Tight lines, and thanks.


  1. Man I hear you. I'm still trying to hang with the private fly shops, but it is tempting to at least save a little gas and go to the big box. Problem is I always walk out with empty hands and pissed of attitude.

  2. My problem with those places is that I never find what I want... but somehow end up with $50 (or more) or crap I really don't need.