Thursday, July 5, 2012

New York Trip 2012

I have to say that my trip to Lake Ontario this year was a giant success. The kids got there time in at the beach and we got to relax and get some fishing in. Even broke in a brand new rod (literally.) Big shout out to Fat Nancy's Bait Shop. Very helpful with info and if you need to return a rod 2 hours after you bought it. They didn't laugh once(while I was there.)

The Misses (almost) caught her largest fish to date; a smallie in the harbor that the knot to the hook snapped on just as I was reaching to bring him in. Don't know what jackass tied that knot..............

This trip was especially sweet as I got to fish with my Grandfather, which I haven't done in longer than I can remember.

Enough blather; here's a quick recap.

Me and my fish spine shots....

In the winter this is teeming with salmon. Now, some smallies. (Second rod-notice the UPC still attached. Ha!) 

Fat Nancy. 

Harbor smallie - Schwing!

The Harbor.

Salmon River, near where it empties into Lake Ontario.

The only Sheepshead of the trip- landed by Pop Pop. 

Mr. Stonelfy was checking out of the hotel the same time we did. 
View of the Lake from my Uncles. 


  1. Hey Anthony, pretty cool place. I was in the Lake Erie area. I know there must be a good story behind the broken rod...let's hear it.

    1. I wish there was. I needed a spinning rod so I went to Fat Nancy's and bought the second cheapest one, a Shakespeare Crusader. Because I'm not a total cheapskate or anything. Had it out at the reservoir and within 2 hours of buying it, it snapped about 3" below the reel seat. I blamed it on my Herculean casting strength.